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What is this Seminar about?

Disasters concern all of us, in terms of people impacted and economic losses accounted. The number, scale and costs of disasters are increasing, mainly as a consequence of growing population, environmental degradation, unplanned settlements, expanding and aging infrastructure, growing assets at risk and more complex societies. The Syrian refugees’ crisis, recent earthquakes like in Nepal and terrorist attacks have shown the need for establishing feasible mechanisms, such as response protocols or facilities.

Peter Rehwinkel will tell you about International Disaster & Crisis Management competencies so you can carry out your responsibilities calmly, professionally and effectively when a crisis hits.


Areas Covered

Introduction to the World of Crisis
Some recent disasters, like Nepal Earthquake, Terrorist/Cyber Attacks
Key Terms and Concepts: Hazard, Risk, Vulnerability, Crisis, Disaster, Resilience
Disaster Relief Organizations: Multilateral (UN, World Bank, etc.), Bilateral and Non-Governmental
(Red Cross/IFRC, Oxfam International and others)

Disaster Management: Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery
Global Disaster Trends and Impacts
Relationship of Vulnerability, Capacity, and Resilience
Fundamentals of Emergency Response Coordination
Effective Resilience-Centred Public-Private Partnership
Cities and Crisis
Risk and Resilience in the Context of Cities
Climate Change, Rapid Growth, Poor Management
Emergency Planning for City Residents
UNISDR´s Making Cities Resilient Campaign
Governments and NGO´s in Crisis

Crisis, Types of Crisis, and Stress Management
Role of Emergency Management Teams
Exercises, Training
Effective Internal Audit Management, Key Performance Indicators
Methods for Managing a Crisis
Managing Your Organization´s Reputation
Crisis Communications
Social Media
Crisis Media Plan


- 17 to 19 November 2015


What is this Workshop about?

In a world where both natural and man-made disasters are affecting us with alarming frequency, the concepts of disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction (DRR) are top of the list of priorities of an increasing number of countries in Asia. DRR is a systematic approach to identify, assess and mitigate the risk of disaster. It aims to reduce socio-economic vulnerability to disaster as well as dealing with the environmental and other hazards that trigger them. DRR is not a one-off activity but instead an integral part of the way organisations do their work. DRR is wide-ranging; its scope is much broader and deeper than crisis management. This programme addresses the challenges of assessing hazards, vulnerability and resilience and maximizing community engagement to transform information gathered into a professional plan aligned with the government and other agencies.

 Workshop Highlights

  • Definitions and basic concepts
  • Disaster risk assessment
  • Community based disaster risk reduction/management
  • Steps of community based disaster risk management (CBDRM)
  • Participatory tools used for data and information collection on hazards, vulnerabilities, capacity analysis (HVCA)
  • Analysis of data and information
  • Formulating a DRR plan
  • DRR monitoring and evaluation
  • Stakeholder analysis and coordination with relevant organizations for DRR


Objectives of the Convention

  • To understand the concepts of disaster risk & crisis management
  • To gain knowledge on hazards, risk associated with hazards, crisis and the impacts
  • To learn about and practice using essential risk assessment tools
  • To effectively monitor and evaluate disaster management projects
  • To understand the concepts and features of Community Based Disaster Risk
  • Management (CBRDM)
  • To link national disaster management strategies to the global framework in order to build resilient communities
  • To address emergency coordination for better response

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