How do I register?
Click here to register. Register early for our best rates!

Is there a group discount?
Yes! When 5 or more people register, a discount of 20% off is applied to all registrants on all items. We strongly encourage Group registration to the DRR Convention and invitees have the option of adding team members during the Convention on the Registration Desk. 

When should I pay for the Convention?
Payment must be received on or before the Convention.

When will I receive confirmation that I am registered?
You will receive confirmation via email within 3 days of receipt of your registration.

When will I receive the Invoice?
You will receive the Invoice via email within 3 days of receipt of your registration.

What does the Convention fee include?
Your registration fee includes attendance of the Convention, access to Seminar & Workshop, training materials, lunch, snacks and a welcome reception and networking dinner.

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellations made before 2 weeks from the start of the course will be liable for up to 90% of the total Convention fee for administrative and other costs incurred on your behalf. A suitable replacement may attend to course without extra charge.

Can I obtain the presentations?
Power Point presentations will be made available on the Event website 1 week after the event. You will be provided with access details for the presentation material via email after the Summit.

Physical or Dietary Needs
If you have any special needs, disabilities, and/or dietary restrictions, please do let us know when registering.

Visa requirements?
Depending on your country of citizenship, you may be required to obtain a visa to enter Sri Lanka. Visa requirements vary and are subject to change, so please refer to the respective High Commission/Embassy/Consulate of the country concerned.

For more information, you can also log on to the Immigration Department of Sri Lanka by clicking here.

Targeted Institutes

  • The United Nations and its organisations
  • Disaster Management Ministries
  • Government Departments
  • Chamber of commerce
  • ADB and World Bank
  • Embassies
  • The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
  • The International Committee of the Red Cross
  • International non-governmental organisations
  • National non-governmental organisations
  • Ambulance Services, Police, Army, Fire Fighters & Environmental related organisations
  • Donors and Charity Organisations
  • Health Care in Danger project
  • Civil Society Groups
  • Disaster Management Individuals
  • Oil Exploring & Distribution
  • Air Lines & Shipping Lines
  • Mobile Phone Operators
  • Cement manufacturers
  • Construction & High rise & Highway
  • Garment Suppliers
  • Companies with big budgets for CSR
  • Dell, Apple, Microsoft
  • The emergency standby volunteers
  • First Level institutions Ex. Hospitals, Community Centres
  • Schools, First Aid, Evacuation Teams

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